shutterstock_144352711(web)Wondering what entertainment options are available and how to amuse the kids during these school holidays? Instead of going out to a number of different attractions which can become quite pricey, turn your home into a learning and activity oasis that the kids will love with a HandiTheatre® Entertainment System! Setup the screen in the backyard for evening enjoyment or in the rumpus room with the curtains closed for daytime use. With a HandiTheatre® system, numerous entertainment possibilities exist:

  • Movies! Everyone loves an animated movie and there is no better way to occupy children’s attention then the latest Pixar or Disney home movie release. Build a fort to watch the movies in, making sure to add lots of pillows and blanks to make it cosy!
  • Learning! An educational option might be to screen YouTube clips or documentaries on the solar system, different countries and their languages, or topics that might be coming up in the school curriculum. This way kids are learning in a unique way, and because the HandiTheatre® System is a ‘giant TV screen’, it’s fun!
  • Exercise! A great way to expel pent-up energy and get the kids active would be to setup a Nintendo Wii console with a sports game or dance game and let them loose.

Countless hours of enjoyment exist with a HandiTheatre® System these school holidays.

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James Cunningham

James Cunningham

James Cunningham is the owner and founder of Smart Digital Australia. James has been in the audio visual and projection screen business for over 30 years. He introduced outdoor movie systems into Australia with the company being the premier supplier of the equipment more than 10 years ago.
James Cunningham

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