We are often asked if we supply outdoor cinema packages to other countries.

Here is the answer:

Smart Digital Australia sells its outdoor movie systems all over the world. We have developed special outdoor cinema packages suitable for international sales. Normally projectors and loudspeakers have warranty only in the country of original purchase. Our solution is to supply everything else and give the customer the recommended brand names and model numbers for local supply and purchase. The other big advantage, particularly with the speakers, is the saving on the freight.

We have a special arrangement with DHL for airfreight shipment to almost any country in the world. This saves money and ensures fast delivery.

The electrical equipment is 110 – 240 volts for use everywhere. The electrical connectors used with our unique SmartBox® are all international standard IEC connectors. This makes it for easy access in the unlikely event that service may be required.

We offer inflatable movie screens of the highest quality. The screen surfaces on the ParkView® and HandiTheatre® models are made of theatrical quality stretch lycra fabric.  Remove the screen surface for washing, if required. The stretch lycra material ensures a completely flat, wrinkle free surface, imperative for screening great movies.

The outdoor movie systems from Smart Digital Australia have all been designed and assembled in Australia, sourced from local and imported suppliers. They are of the highest quality and meet international standards. To survive the Australian conditions all the equipment must be robust and strong. In Australia, we love outdoor entertainment!

We want to bring the magic of outdoor cinema to your community, whether you are in England or Canada, Saudi Arabia or France.

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