SDM100 Digital Audio Mixer & Video Switcher

The new updated SDM100 combines a unique 4×2 HDMI matrix video switcher with a professional 4 channel microphone mixer making it perfect for all your AV presentation and display requirements.


SDM100 Digital Mixer Switcher Rear View

The SDM100 Digital Mixer Switcher provides switching for each of the 4 HDMI source inputs to either or both of the 2 HDMI display outputs, typically a projector or video display and a preview monitor. The HDMI Matrix Switcher supports 2K and 4K, 3D, 12-bit Deep Colour with 3 Gbps bandwidth with the additional features of the latest HDMI standards, including dual ARC and wideband IR functionality, you can be sure of quality HDMI distribution. HDMI switching timeis between 1 to 3 seconds with separate syncing for each output so there is not dropout to output A while previewing on output B. Audio output on output B is muted to ensure the presentation signal on output A has precedence.

Audio inputs include 3 microphone and 2 RCA stereo source inputs in the rear panel, and 1 microphone and 1 3.5mm aux inputs on the front panel. Main audio output is via stereo balanced XLR connectors on the rear panel with a headphone socket on the front panel. Bluetooth is provided from the headphone output for wireless connection to Bluetooth enabled speakers.

The SDM100 Digital Mixer Switcher is housed in a 19″ wide 1.5 rack unit high metal case. Power input is 230vac. USB power is supplied on the front panel.

HDMI Switcher Specifications

Video Bandwidth:297MHz / 2.97Gbps
Input Ports:
4 x HDMI (Female)
Output Ports:2 x HDMI (Female)
2 x Coaxial (RCA)
Control Ports:1 x RS232
2 x IR RX
4 x IR RX

Output Resolution:480i ~ 1080p50/60; [email protected]/30; VGA-UXGA
HDMI Cable In:1080p/12bits (15m)
HDMI Cable Out:1080p/12bits (15m)

Physical Specifications

Power Supply:5V/1Amp DC (US/EU Standards. CE/FCC/UL certified)
USB Power1 x USB DC5V 1Amp
ESD Protection Human Body Model:+/-8 kV (air-gap discharge)
+/-4 kV (contact discharge)


Excluding connectors and control knobs:482.6 x 66 x 118.5
Including connectors and control knobs:482.6 x 66 x 140

Audio Mixer Specifications

Max Input Level:
Mic: -14dBV (Mic Level)
Source: 24dBV (Stereo RCA & 3.5mm TRS)
Input Impedance:Mic: 600 Ohms (XLR Balanced)
Source: 22K Ohms (Stereo RCA)
Output Level:+17dBV Max
Output Impedance:100 Ohms (XLR Balanced)
Input Ports:4 x Microphone (XLR Female) (1 on front, 3 on rear)
2 x Source (Stereo RCA) (on rear)
1 x Auxiliary (3.5mm TRS) (on front)
Output Ports:
2 x Main Left / Right (XLR Male)
1 x Headphone (3.5mm TRS) (on Front)
1 x Bluetooth
Headphone Output Impedance:>8 Ohms
Maximum Gain:Mic: 60dB
Source: 26dB
Tone Controls:Bass: 100Hertz +/- 12dB
Treble: 100Hertz +/- 12dB

Noise Floor:-20dB
Total Harmonic Distortion (TAD):.025%
Signal / Noise Ratio: