SDM100 Digital Audio Mixer & Video Switcher

The new updated SDM100 combines a unique 4×2 HDMI matrix video switcher with a professional 4 channel microphone mixer making it perfect for all your AV presentation and display requirements.

Only $879

SDM100 Digital Mixer Switcher Rear View

The SDM100 Digital Mixer Switcher provides switching for each of the 4 HDMI source inputs to either or both of the 2 HDMI display outputs, typically a projector or video display and a preview monitor. The HDMI Matrix Switcher supports 2K and 4K, 3D, 12-bit Deep Colour with 3 Gbps bandwidth with the additional features of the latest HDMI standards, including dual ARC and wideband IR functionality, you can be sure of quality HDMI distribution. HDMI switching timeis between 1 to 3 seconds with separate syncing for each output so there is not dropout to output A while previewing on output B. Audio output on output B is muted to ensure the presentation signal on output A has precedence.

Audio inputs include 3 microphone and 2 RCA stereo source inputs in the rear panel, and 1 microphone and 1 3.5mm aux inputs on the front panel. Main audio output is via stereo balanced XLR connectors on the rear panel with a headphone socket on the front panel. Bluetooth is provided from the headphone output for wireless connection to Bluetooth enabled speakers.

The SDM100 Digital Mixer Switcher is housed in a 19″ wide 1.5 rack unit high metal case. Power input is 230vac. USB power is supplied on the front panel.

HDMI Switcher Specifications

Video Bandwidth:297MHz / 2.97Gbps
Input Ports:
4 x HDMI (Female)
Output Ports:2 x HDMI (Female)
2 x Coaxial (RCA)
Control Ports:1 x RS232
2 x IR RX
4 x IR RX

Output Resolution:480i ~ 1080p50/60; [email protected]/30; VGA-UXGA
HDMI Cable In:1080p/12bits (15m)
HDMI Cable Out:1080p/12bits (15m)

Physical Specifications

Power Supply: 5V/1Amp DC (US/EU Standards. CE/FCC/UL certified)
USB Power1 x USB DC5V 1Amp
ESD Protection Human Body Model:+/-8 kV (air-gap discharge)
+/-4 kV (contact discharge)


Excluding connectors and control knobs:482.6 x 66 x 118.5
Including connectors and control knobs: 482.6 x 66 x 140

Audio Mixer Specifications

Max Input Level:
Mic: -14dBV (Mic Level)
Source: 24dBV (Stereo RCA & 3.5mm TRS)
Input Impedance:Mic: 600 Ohms (XLR Balanced)
Source: 22K Ohms (Stereo RCA)
Output Level:+17dBV Max
Output Impedance:100 Ohms (XLR Balanced)
Input Ports:4 x Microphone (XLR Female) (1 on front, 3 on rear)
2 x Source (Stereo RCA) (on rear)
1 x Auxiliary (3.5mm TRS) (on front)
Output Ports:
2 x Main Left / Right (XLR Male)
1 x Headphone (3.5mm TRS) (on Front)
1 x Bluetooth
Headphone Output Impedance:>8 Ohms
Maximum Gain:Mic: 60dB
Source: 26dB
Tone Controls: Bass: 100Hertz +/- 12dB
Treble: 100Hertz +/- 12dB

Noise Floor:-20dB
Total Harmonic Distortion (TAD):.025%
Signal / Noise Ratio:

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