Huawei Air Heater


Increase air temperature with Huawei REH-Series Air Heater attachment. Suitable for 1hp, 1.5hp and 2hp REH air blowers.

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Warm up your blower air - Improve the life of your jumping castles and inflatables using an air heater attachment for your Huawei REH air blower. Heating the air that goes into your inflatables can help dissipate moisture and reduce the likelihood of mold or material rotting. Designed with a thermal cut-off at 50 degrees C to also avoid any overheating.
Once a jumping castle or large inflatable gets wet (such as an inflatable water slide) it can take some time to completely dry out. As with a lot of inflatables that aren’t designed to be completely ‘sealed’ letting out small amounts of air through joins and along the stitching, water can also find its way inside and potentially stay trapped in hard-to-reach areas. Mould build-up can both be a hazard for your health and not ideal for the longevity of your inflatable


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