Huawei REH Series Air Blowers



Do you need a replacement blower for your big jumping castle?

Try Huawei – highly efficient, light-weight, low noise jumping castle blower. Huawei REH Series Air Blowers are electric powered centrifugal fans in durable plastic case. Choose from three blower models: REH1.5E, REH2E, or REH3E. These air blowers have power of  1100 Watt (1.5 HP), 1500 Watt (2 HP) or 220 Watt (3 HP).

Use this high quality jumping castle blower for any inflatable equipment, including  big pool toys, inflatable slides, bouncy houses, or advertising inflatables.

Huawei air blowers  / air pumps are suitable for commercial applications, play centres, and rental companies. Choose this reliable and powerful air pump if you are looking for long term quality solution. It delivers hours of constant operation and also provides fast set up with good airflow. Use these air blowers as a replacement to an old inflatable blower to give your bouncy castle or slide a better shape!

Jumping castle blower of Huawei series does not require lubrication, therefore your hands will not get dirty!

Jumping castle pump / blower has plastic case with IP24 rating, which means it is protected from splashing water. These blowers are also stackable, both in standing and lying position. Furthermore, we supply from the warehouse in Melbourne, which means your order will arrive within days to any place in Australia.

Size: L x W x H (mm)435 x 370 x 447435 x 370 x 506510 x 413 x 506
Net / Gross Weight, kg14.6 / 16.116.26 / 17.8022.00 / 23.32
VoItage/Frequency220V / 50HZ220V / 50HZ220V / 50HZ
Power (W / HP)1100W / 1.5HP1500W / 2HP2200W / 3HP
Rotation Speed (rpm)248026352633
Noise (db)909090
Pressure (Pa)119019502100
Flow (m3/h)600650710
Outlet (mm)145 x 137145 x 137162.4 x 162.4

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