HandiTheatre Explorer Outdoor Cinema

HandiTheatre® Explorer Portable Outdoor Cinema Package

Completely battery operated or AC/DC powered outdoor cinema – great for camping & caravanning. Inflatable 100-inch projection screen for lighter weight and compact spaces. Delivery time subject to availability (expected August/September back into stock).

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About the HandiTheatre® Explorer Outdoor Cinema Package

Imagine watching a great movie by the camp fire with a refreshing drink with family and friends. In fact the HandiTheatre® Explorer Portable Outdoor Cinema is sure to bring you new friends!

Now it is possible to have your own high quality outdoor cinema anywhere. Imagine screening movies and other media at the camp or caravan site!

What’s In The HandiTheatre® Explorer Box?

Projector: Halo+ 900 ANSI Lumen Portable Battery Powered WIFI Projector.
Screen: HandiTheatre® Inflatable Outdoor 100” Screen with support legs.
Blower: Rechargeable blower for screen inflation and deflation.
Accessory Pack: Deluxe carry bag with stakes, tethers and screen repair kit.

HandiTheatre® Explorer Portable Outdoor Cinema Package Includes:

HandiTheatre Explorer Inflatable 100″ Screen

HandiTheatre Explorer Outdoor Inflatable Screen

The HandiTheatre® Explorer Outdoor Movie Package includes the 100″ portable inflatable outdoor screen. It is lightweight and comes complete with a rechargeable blower / air pump and once the screen is inflated the blower can be turned off, making a quiet viewing during screenings. Includes supporting legs for a self-supporting design. Inflation only takes one or two minutes, and then you are ready to go.

Screen Upgrade Options:
140" Inflatable Outdoor Screen


Want more of a WOW factor or have more than 30 people that will be viewing the movie? Upgrade to the 140″ screen. This will be large enough for up to 75 people.

HandiTheatre 140

Halo+ 900 ANSI Lumen Portable Battery Powered WIFI Projector

Halo+ outperforms most portable projectors, making it one of the brightest, most advanced, fully portable projectors on the market. The Halo+ delivers the premier visual experience you need when going exploring, with over 2 hours of playtime.
Featuring dual 5W Harman Kardon speakers that emit clean, distortion-free, Hi-Fi sound with ample bass response.

The Halo+ comes with built in Android TV 10.0 and Google Play providing seamless access to 5000+ apps, such as, Disney +, HBO Max, Netflix and Prime Video. So regardless if you’re binge-watching the latest show or adventuring outdoors, the Halo+ was built to entertain.
Like Gaming? The Halo+ has high refresh rates and a 26.5ms low latency, which makes it great for gaming with low lag.

Halo+ Projector Battery
Halo+ Projector App Screen
Smart Digital Dots

Dual Band 2.4/5G WIFI

Smart Digital Dots

3D Supported

Smart Digital Dots

1080p Super-Bright 900 ANSI Lumen Image

Smart Digital Dots

Auto Focus & Keystone Correction

Smart Digital Dots

Fully Portable with a 59W Built-in Battery

Smart Digital Dots

Intelligent Screen Adaption Technology

Smart Digital Dots

Dual 5W Harman Kardon Speakers, Dolby Audio, DTS

Smart Digital Dots

HD/Studio & Bluetooth 5.0

Smart Digital Dots

Built-in Android TV 10.0 with Google Play

“Your next camping trip will be nothing short of extraordinary.”

Projector Add-On Options:
Handi Projector Carry Case


The Handi Projector Carry Case holds your projector, cables, remotes, and additional media player, keeping everything safe and in its place.

Great for transporting equipment as well as extended use for events and hire.

Add to any HandiTheatre package.

Handi Projector Carry Case

Audio Options

What a little more punch than the internal projector speakers? Upgrade to the EcoXplorer Portable Speaker. Small enough to be nice and portable but with enough sound to make the wildlife cringe.

When not used for your cinema package, simply connect a smartphone or tablet to stream music!

Audio Upgrades and Add-on Options:
EcoXplorer 50W Waterproof Party Speaker


EcoXplorer Waterproof Party Speaker offers 50W peak power speaker system with up to 30+ hours of playtime. Drop the EcoXplorer in your pool, lake or ocean, no worries – it floats.
Features Include:

  • EcoTalk Button for easy Voice Assistant activation (Siri and OK Google)
  • Large LED for Night viewing
  • Two Built in Bottle openers
  • 50-watts dynamic power amplifier for massive sound.
  • 3-way speaker system w/ 5” full range main driver + 2” Tweeter + 5” rear facing subwoofer
  • Integrated microphone jack 1/4″ (6.35 mm) for external microphone for PA or karaoke. (External microphone not included.)
  • Input & Outputs: 5V USB out 2.1 A | 110-230V, 50-60Hz AC IN | Aux In (3.5mm) | External Mic Jack 1/4″ (6.35 mm)

Battery Life: 30 Hours

EcoXplorer Speaker Upgrade

HandiTheatre Accessories Pack

HandiTheatre Home Carry Bag
tethers and pegs
Rechargeable Blower
screen repair kit
HandiTheatre Screen Bag

Each of our HandiTheatre packages come with:

Smart Digital Dots

A nifty carry bag for storing the screen when not in use

Smart Digital Dots

A blower (to inflate the screen)

Smart Digital Dots

Tethers & Pegs

Smart Digital Dots

Screen repair kit

Accessories Upgrades & Add-On Options:
Travel Projector Table


The Travel Projector Table is lightweight and portable by design with height-adjustable telescoping locking legs for quick setup.

Includes a removable second level for a DVD player or laptop. Conveniently folds down into a handy travel size. A versatile solution to suit a wide variety of uses from business presentations to backyard home movies. Supports up to 20kg.

Travel Projector Table