HandiTheatre Light Home Cinema

The Portable & Compact Home Cinema System

Entertain 30 Guests

Ultra-portable and compact, the HandiTheatre® Light brings big-screen cinema to your home or balcony. Simply setup with 100″ projection screen, soundbar and projector. Delivery time subject to availability (expect 3 – 10 business days).

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Big Screen Home Cinema

Ultra-portable and compact, the HandiTheatre® Light brings big screen cinema to your home or balcony.

Watch movies, play console games, have a disco party or watch family photos outdoors.

It only has three components making it simple to set up and easy to store. Includes collapsible aluminium framed 120″ projection screen, digital projector and soundbar.


Light and portable projection screen comes neatly disassembled in it’s carry bag.

The 120-inch screen comprises of tube aluminium sections that assemble into plastic connectors, metal feet, and cloth screen surface.

Includes pegs to secure feet into soft ground.

Smart Digital Soundbar Connections

SD881 Digital projector

3800 Lumens (300 ANSI)

Aspect Ratio 16 : 9 & 4 : 3

Native Resolution: 1920 x 1080 (1080p)

Contrast : 3000 : 1

Projection Distance: 2.8M (approx.)

Image size up to 120″

Connect with HDMI, VGA, AV, or USB

Remote Control included

The SD881 projector is an LED lamp-based projector with up to 50,000 hours lamp life, internal speakers, and multiple inputs (HDMI x 2, USB, SVGA) suitable for home movies.

Place the projector 2 to 5 m from the screen, connect it to your laptop, DVD player, or simply use a USB stick with videos, photos, or MP3 files, and enjoy the show.

It is bright, portable and reliable – 3800 Lumen is suitable for dark rooms or dark outdoor environments.

Or Upgrade to the BENQ EW600 Smart Projector 

High brightness, Wireless Connectivity, Android

CRE X300 LED Projector Top

BenQ EW600 Smart Projector

Unlike other projectors, this BenQ is considered almost a complete integrated PC (just connect a mouse, keyboard and webcam).

With a modern version of Android and a host of wireless connectivity (including WiFi hotspot connect and wireless mirroring), things haven’t been easier. Compatible with a host of streaming apps, Android games, Office Apps (PowerPoint, Word) and more.

Plus, super-bright 3600 ANSI lumens for high-quality evening/night-time viewing, WXGA resolution and 2-year BenQ warranty. Includes HDMI and USB inputs, WiFi and Bluetooth.

Or Upgrade to the BENQ MW560 Projector 

An eco-friendly projector with power saving technology. It has a brightness of 4000 lumens, native resolution WXGA, and a high contrast ratio of 20000:1, suitable for outdoor screen sizes up to 5 metres. This projector can be used for front or rear projection. If restricted for space, short throw projectors are also available. Model, brand and specification may vary depending on available stock.

4000 ANSI Lumens

20,000:1 high contrast ratio

WXGA / HD Resolution

HDMI input


No need to run off tiny internal projector speakers – we’ve included a swish 80W soundbar to throw out enough sound to entertain the family or a small ground of people.

Connects directly to projector via audio jack/RCA, but also includes Bluetooth capabilities for wireless connection to Bluetooth capable projectors (such as the SD602 projector), smartphones or tablets.

Connective includes: stereo RCA, coaxial (for subwoofer), optical, and Bluetooth. Comes with remote.

Smart Digital Soundbar Connections

(Optional) 8″ Active Speaker Audio Pack

The Smart Digital Audio Pack features a pair of active 200W 8″ speakers that are both powerful and durable, perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

Compact & Lightweight

200W Amplifier with Crossover

65Hz - 18kHz

Speaker Stands with Carry Bag Included

Handi Carry Case (Additional)

The Handi Projector Carry Case holds your projector, cables, remotes, and additional media player, keeping everything safe and in its place.

Great for transporting equipment as well as extended use for events and hire.

Add to any HandiTheatre package.

Projector Carry Case