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The Portable & Compact Home Cinema System

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Ultra-portable and compact, the HandiTheatre® Light brings big-screen cinema to your home or balcony. Simply setup with 100″ projection pull-up screen, soundbar and projector. Delivery time subject to availability (expect 3 – 10 business days).

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Big Screen Home Cinema

Ultra-portable and compact, the HandiTheatre® Light brings big screen cinema to your home or balcony. 

Watch movies, play console games, have a disco party or watch family photos outdoors.

It only has three components making it simple to set up and easy to store. Includes 100″ pull-up projection screen, digital projector and 90W soundbar.

HandiTheatre® Light 100″ Easy Pull-up Screen

The HandiTheatre Lite Portable Movie Screen viewing area is 100 inches in diagonal.

No assembly required. Simply unlatch and open the case, then pull out the screen to its full height in seconds.

The screen case includes a carry handle for easy transportation.

Watch the video for easy screen setup instructions.

SD825 Digital projector

Max Resolution: 1920 x 1080 (1080p)

2200 Lumens (220 ANSI)

Native Resolution: 1280 x 720

Projection Distance: 2.8M (approx.)

Image size up to 100″

Connect with HDMI, VGA, AV, or USB

Remote Control included

The SD825 projector is an LED lamp-based projector with up to 50,000 hours lamp life, internal speakers, and multiple inputs (HDMI x 2, USB, SVGA) suitable for home movies.

Place the projector 2 to 5 m from the screen, connect it to your laptop, DVD player, or simply use a USB stick with videos, photos, or MP3 files, and enjoy the show.

It is bright, portable and reliable – 2200 Lumen is suitable for dark rooms or dark outdoor environments.

UPGRADE to SD602 Digital LED Projector

The HandiTheatre SD602 sets new standards in projection with a short throw lens and a stunning 2250 lumens (600 ANSI lumens).

The Smart Digital SD602 Projector uses a LED lamp with DLP projection technology for rugged stability and long life.

It has built in Android operating system for greater flexibility and resourcefulness.

The life of the LED lamp is estimated at 20,000 hours. Native resolution is WXGA 1280 x 800 or HD 720P. Brightness is 2250 lumens or a massive 600 ANSI lumens for a really bright and beautiful picture.

The projector supports many video formats including MP4 so you can screen movie directly from the USB stick.

* Android version may be higher depending on the date of purchase. Some Apps may be unavailable or incompatible with the projector.

Resolution: 1280*800, WXGA 1280*800

Brightness: 2250 Lumens

Lamp Life: 20000 Hours

Projection Distance: 0.5 - 7m

Android Operating System

Remote Control included

USB2, USB3, HDMI x 2, card reader

Output Jack for Headphone or Speaker

10″ Satellite speakers (300W) Included

The 10inch Active Satellite Speakers are a power combo each with 300W output.

Featuring multiple adjustable bass and treble control, USB and SD card inputs, 2 microphone inserts, and an extra RCA input for external audio devices.

Each speaker includes 10″ woofer and high/mid tweeter.

Use this outdoor soundbar as a part of your outdoor cinema, or on its own for your karaoke nights! (does not include microphones)

Smart Digital Soundbar Connections

UPGRADE to 8″ Active Speaker Audio Pack

The Smart Digital Audio Pack provides great sound quality for larger audiences.

Featuring the SPJ800A, a pair of active 200W 8” speakers that are both powerful and durable for indoor and outdoor use. Their compact design makes them lightweight and easy to manoeuvre.

The Audio Pack includes a pair of speaker stands and carry bag, perfect for portable use.

Handi Carry Case (Additional)

The Handi Projector Carry Case holds your projector, cables, remotes, and additional media player, keeping everything safe and in its place.

Great for transporting equipment as well as extended use for events and hire.

Add to any HandiTheatre package for just $129.

Projector Carry Case

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