Solstice Origin
ALR Projection Screen

Solstice Origin
ALR Projection Screen

105" to 250" in diagonal.

Great for commercial applications.

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Solstice Origin is your choice of projection screens for commercial applications. Solstice Origin ambient light screen has a gain of 18 thanks to its unique shape. This means you can use it in big well-lit spaces – in exhibition halls, churches, showrooms, sports bars, and many others.

There’s no need to switch off the lights anymore – Solstice&trade Origin ambient light screen will give you fabulously bright image, whether in HD or in 3D. This screen is also great for gaming thanks to the fast response time.

Solstice&trade Origin comes in variety of sizes, from 105” (267 cm) in diagonal to 250” (635 cm) in diagonal. Huge screens are very reasonably priced and are more affordable than LED screens of the same size.

For models up to 135” in diagonal (343 cm), choose between a wheeled floor stand or a wall bracket to mount the screen to the wall.

The frame of the screens up to 135” is made of synthetic rubber (EPDM), while bigger screens (over 155”) have steel frame.

Technical specifications

  • Optical Front Projection Screen for 2D/HD/3D
  • Gain: 18
  • Shape: Concave. Lens-like Curvature
  • Surface Material:
    -Nano-level diffusion lines of less than 10micron,
    -Aluminum particles of 5 micron and silicon-coated surface
  • Aspect Ratio : 4:3 / 16:9
  • Frame : Black EPDM (Up to MDW-135), Steel (Over MDW-155)
  • Reflective. Very high polarization (for passive 3D)
  • Superior off-axis light rejection properties: magnifies projector’s light and rejects ambient light
  • High Brightness Uniformity: over 80%
  • Excellent color rendition
  • HD/UHD resolution
  • Outstanding 3D imaging and image depth

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