Solstice Cinematix
Optical Projection Screen

Solstice Cinematix
Optical Projection Screen

Aspect ratio 2.35:1

Great for museums and conventional theatre/cinema.

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Solstice Cinematix optical projection screen is your choice for movie theatre, cinema, or museum installations. It has an aspect ratio of 2.35:1, which is a current widescreen cinema standard.

Sized from 100” (254 cm) to 230” (584 cm), this wide projection screen brings you a truly cinematic experience.

This optical projection screen has a surface which consists of several layers of material. One of these layers is an optical lens film, which ensures the light from the projector is reflected towards the viewer while ambient light is rejected to the other directions.

Use this screen either in a dark movie theatre or in any space with lots of ambient lights.

Did you know Solstice is the world’s first concave lens-type screen optimized for use in 3D Applications? Optical lens technology provides 18 to 23 gain brightness, retaining over 99% of polarization, depth simulation, and improved image resolution.

Try it for yourself – you will be amazed the way we were!

Solstice Cinematrix is great for 2D/3D and HD (up to 8K ultra high definition resolution) videos.

Technical specifications

  • Optical Front Projection Screen 2D/HD/3D
  • Gain: 18
  • Shape: Concave Lens-like Curvature
  • Surface Material:
    -Nano-level diffusion lines of less than 10micron,
    -Aluminium particles of 5 micron and silicon-coated surface
  • Ratio: 2.35:1 (Cinemascopic /Anamorphic)
  • Frame: Black velvet surfaced aluminium
  • Reflecting very high polarization (for passive 3D)
  • Superior off-axis rejection accepts only light
  • from projector and reject ambient light

  • High Brightness Uniformity: over 80%
  • Excellent colour accuracy
  • HD/UHD resolution acceptable
  • Outstanding 3D imaging and image depth

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