5m ParkView Gold

5m ParkView Gold

Outdoor cinema up to 500 Guests - great for community events

From $9099

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This outdoor cinema package is great for up to 500 guests

This ParkView® Gold portable cinema comes with a 5 m wide pop up screen.  This system is mid size outdoor cinema. It is supplied with AV control centre SmartBox® Gold, which will assist you to control sound and show DVD/ Blu-Ray discs.

Choose this outdoor movie screen package for communities, schools, sports clubs, as well as for pubs and hotels with big outdoor area. Invite guests for live TV events (such as State of Origin, or Australian Open), or show popular movies.

You can setup the 5 m screen and all AV equipment in 30 minutes, thanks to the plug and play feature of the package. Furthermore, using our support videos, you can do it without any training!

ParkView® Gold outdoor cinema package has everything you need to run the show.

5 metre pop up cinema package comes complete with:

  • 5 m constant flow portable cinema screen with blower, tethers, and stakes
  • professional audio system featuring 12 inch subwoofer with two powerful satellite speakers (500 Watt)
  • bright HD projector (Viewsonic WXGA 3200 Lumen or similar)
  • multimedia control system SmartBox® Gold comes with built in DVD/Blu-Ray player and inline audio mixer. Supplied with wired microphone

The SmartBox® Gold AV controller makes setup easy.  You don’t need any technical knowledge to set it up – all thanks to the plug and play technology used in design of this unit. Connect SmartBox® to the outdoor projector and sound system, and just hit play!

Contact us on 03 9729 6300 for a quote. 

We offer options and upgrades, including full HD projector, short throw projector, or more powerful sound. There are also more advanced versions of SmartBox® available, for example, SmartBox® Platinum!

We also customize the system to suit your needs. Whether you need protective road cases, equipment for drive-ins, or satellite TV – we will help you!


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