BenQ LH720 Laser Projector – Full HD, 4000 Lumen, 1.38-2.13 throw

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Corporate Laser Projector with 4000lm, Full HD | LH720

First-Rated Color Performance Paired with Long-Term Reliability
Built with BlueCore Laser technology, the BenQ LH720 Corporate Laser Projector delivers 1080p images and high-color performance that can produce 90% of the Rec. 709 spectrum, IP5X Dust GuardTM Pro provides long-term durability with InstaShowTM , QCast, and QCast Mirror ensure the wireless presentation is hassle-free. LH720 also supports LAN control and network-delivered firmware upgrades, which allow IT, administrators, to monitor and maintain multiple projectors from a single location.

  • Superior Bright – Precision-Aligned High-Output Laser Source. The zero-deviation alignment of BlueCore laser diodes boosts luminous flux into the light tunnel, improving efficacy.
  • Superior Performance – Secondary Yellow-Infused Color Wheel. Dual synchronized BlueCore color wheel utilizes an additive yellow segment, stimulating precise RGBY spectra for optimal chromatic performance.
  • Superior Durability – Hermetically Sealed DLP Chip. Comprising over two million micromirrors that reflect pure light through the color wheel, the DLP chip is hermetically sealed to resist heat for over 100,000 hours without degradation.

Superior Image Quality

Dual Color Wheels Produce 90% Rec.709 Color Coverage for Optimal Color Performance

LH720’s powerful BlueCore laser projection utilizes a dual color wheel system to produce an unparalleled color performance that achieves a 90% Rec.709 color coverage. By increasing color ratios and the purity of RGBY color, LH720 dramatically enhances color saturation to ensure superior presentation quality.

Advanced Infographic Mode for Supreme Presentation Quality

BenQ Infographic Mode perfectly fits the current corporate trend of mastering infographic-heavy presentations that all modern enterprises are striving for. Infographic Mode is great for showcasing the text and graphics of infographic in detail due to LH720’s high brightness and better color gradation through the 90% Rec.709 color coverage, ensuring more saturated and lively color performance than presentation mode. Additionally, Vivid Mode is designed for supreme color performance during video or image presentation.

Full HD Resolution for Crisp Image Quality and Increased Content Density

With Full HD (1920 x 1080) native resolution in expended 16:9 aspect ratio, LH720 offers subtle details, ultra-sharp readability and highly enhanced display capacity for a professional presentation.

High Brightness and LumiExpertTM Ambient Light Detector for Maximum Eye Comfort

LH720’s 4000lm high brightness allows presenters and participants to deliver a presentation in comfortably lit medium-sized conference rooms (20-40 people). BenQ corporate projector’s new LumiExpertTM technology can automatically detect the ambient light conditions of a meeting room and adjust the projector’s brightness to maximize clarity and comfort. Whether presenting in the dark boardroom or a brightly-office, LumiExpertTM makes sure the BenQ Corporate projectors deliver peak performance.

Enduring Reliability

  • 20,000 Hour Long-Lasting Performance
  • DLP Technology for Lasting Vibrant Color
  • Constant Brightness Mode
  • Superior Dustproofing for Severe Conditions

Instant On/Off and Signal Power On

BlueCore laser projector powers up in half the time of a lamp-based projector, reducing wait time and power consumption. The signal power on feature turns your projector on automatically once the input signal from VGA or HDMI is detected, further enhancing the convenience of using BenQ’s BlueCore laser projectors.


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