SmartBox® Platinum


The SmartBox® Platinum is the ultimate in convenience and portable multimedia control system with lots of functions. Control the whole show from the single source. Screen Blu-ray and DVD movies, watch live TV, play music with an external MP3 player, play games through an external games console, or even use it in tricky installations like playing the same movie on 2 different screens at once! AV gig rack SmartBox® Platinum will make running the show easy!

As with all SmartBox® models, the SmartBox® Platinum is supplied pre-built and pre-wired allowing for plug and play connectivity. Minimize setup time and reduce the need for on-the-show fault finding. In addition, with attachable front and back casings, the SmartBox® Platinum becomes fully enclosed for easy transport, storage and easy set up for operation.

Portable multimedia control system SmartBox® Platinum comes with:

  • Sony or equivalent Blu-ray/DVD player with a USB port - play movies and music from CD's or from a USB
  • Built-in Set Top Box - watch live TV
  • 5’’ preview monitor with mini-jack headphone monitoring - control what will happen on the big screen
  • Microphones - a plugin and wireless microphones  for announcements
  • UHF receiver - receiver and input for your wireless microphone
  • Storage drawer for cables, microphones and remote controls
  • Audio Mixer with built in HDMI switcher - control the volume of all the devices connected to your SmartBox® system. Furthermore, cue up various inputs (Blu-ray player, Set Top Box, Aux HDMI input) before sending them to the projector

SmartBox® Platinum is supplied as a part of outdoor cinema packages of Touringsup>®series. Upgarde your ParkViewsup>® system with SmartBox® Platinum and deliver more diverse entertainment on a professional level.

Additional information

Weight17 kg
Dimensions37 × 36 × 56 cm


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