8m Platinum Touring® Outdoor Movie Package

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Up to 1500 guests

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Up to 1500 guests

Are you looking to organise outdoor movies in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, or Hobart?

Are you planning a big open air cinema event in your town, or a drive-in at your local council?

All you need for your special event is a big inflatable screen with all the audio and video equipment. This package is for you if you are ready to entertain a big audience!

Do you want the most affordable system in our commercial range, and also the easiest to set up and operate? Then look no further! The 8m Touring® system is great for up to 1500 viewers. It comes complete with a mighty 8 metre screen, multimedia control SmartBox® Platinum, super bright projector, and 18″ active PA system.  This professional cinema package will help you bring magic of the movies to the communities all over Australia.

Package details:

  • Package contains everything you need to play movies, music and even console games
  • 12 month warranty
  • Large viewing capacity (up to 1500 guests)
  • Professional grade multimedia control system
  • Plug and play connectivity

Big Inflatable Screen:8 m inflatable movie screen dimensions

  • Durable black PVC construction
  • Constant air frame
  • Wide screen format 16:9 aspect ratio
  • Removable surface with black backing for optimal colour rendition
  • Rear projection surface available as an add-on
  • Eyelets to hang banner across skirting – great to promote your brand
  • Top & side zips for quick deflation
  • 35Kph wind rating.

Check our video to find out how to inflate a big inflatable screen of the Touring® series.


We supply 5000 Lumen bright projector as a part of the standard package. However, we are happy to offer you such options as a short throw lens, or a brighter projector.

Audio:LD Dave 18" speaker system

We offer the latest generation compact active PA System for clean and powerful sound. It comes complete with an 18″ subwoofer and a pair of passive satellites, and will give you 1200 Watt RMS.

Multimedia control system:

The SmartBox® Platinum is the ultimately convenient and portable multimedia control system. Thanks to the unique design, it allows for plug and play connectivity and minimizes setup time; moreover, it reduces the need for on-the-show fault finding. Five inch preview monitor enables the operator to take full control of the image shown on the big screen. In addition, with attachable front and back casings,  SmartBox® Platinum is fully enclosed for easy transport, storage, and easy set up for operation.

We’ve been supplying outdoor movie systems since 2006, and therefore have enough experience to help you choose the best equipment for your event.

Contact us to discuss your requirements or request traing. We strongly recommend you to get a four hour training session – setting up an 8 m screen is easy only if you know how to do it!

1 x 8m Touring Screen (Frame & surface)
1 x Surface for Front projection
2 x Powerful blowers 1.5 HP
12 x Tethers & Carabiners
1 x Tarpaulin, wrap bag, repair kit & mallet
6 x Small tent pegs
6 x Large stakes

1 x Digital projector Full HD (1080p)
1 x Projector road case
1 x HDMI cable for projector
1 x SmartBox Platinum pre-wired
– Built into road case for transport
– Behringer 502 audio mixer
– Blu-Ray/ DVD player including remote
– Remotes included
1 x Power lead for SmartBox

1 x Auxiliary audio cable for MP3
4 x Powered 15″ Speakers
4 x Power cables
4 x Adjustable stands with carry bag
2 x 20m XLR – 3.5mm Jack audio cables
2 x 10m XLR – XLR cables

  • 12 month Warranty
  • Eyelets to hang banner across skirting
  • Everything you need to play movies, Games, PC or music
  • large viewing capacity
  • Top & side zips for quick deflation
  • Professional grade multimedia control systems
  • Plug and play connectivity

Screen: Durable black PVC constant air frame, wide screen format 16:9 aspect ratio, removable surface with black backing for optimal colour rendition, rear projection surface available as an add-on, 35Kph wind rating.

See how the Touring Screens are inflated

Audio:light weight powered/active speakers15″ B115D 500Watt speakers

Optional Extras: 15″ Sub-woofer 1400 Watts Behringer B1500D and for Drive-ins the RF Transmitter

SmartBox Platinum: The SmartBox® Platinum is the ultimate in convenience and portable multimedia control systems. Device is supplied pre-built and pre-wired allowing plug and play connectivity minimizing setup time and reducing the need for on-the-show fault finding. With attachable front and back casings, the SmartBox® Platinum becomes fully enclosed for easy transport, storage and easy set up for operation.

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