HandiTheatre HD Cinema System

Following the enormous success of HandiTheatre at a very affordable price, Smart Digital Australia has announced that it has released a new high definition model of HandiTheatre called HandiTheatre HD.

HandiTheatre HD SystemThe new upscale model will include a high definition 720P projector from ViewSonic rated at a very bright 3300 ANSI lumens together with a pair of 8” powered speakers with an astonishing 100 watts of power each including the inbuilt sub-woofer. All equipment is packaged in protective carry cases.

The inflatable movie screen will be available in either 3 or 4 metres wide in HD aspect ratio 16:9. Each screen has a theatrical quality stretch lycra screen surface for a perfectly flat wrinkle free viewing surface. Both front and rear projection is possible with this exclusive surface which may also be removed for easy washing.

James Cunningham, the company’s marketing director, said that the new HD product was in response to a huge increase in demand for better quality viewing in both movies and live TV from customers all round Australia.