Do you have a classroom too bright for projection screens?

Is there too much natural light in your auditorium?

Does your hall have too many windows or skylights to use a projector?

The solution is the new MOCOM Solstice™ ambient light rejecting screens distributed in Australia by Smart Digital.

Known as a Solstice™ projection screen, this brand new technology cuts out any worry for ambient light (ambient light is any light source other than your projector), that may distort your image or weaken its visual aesthetics. On a standard screen, high levels of ambient light will wash out the image.

The Ambient Light Rejecting (ALR) screen differs in many ways to standard projection screens. A standard screen will reflect incoming light in all directions, whereas an ALR screen reflects light directly back at the viewer, creating better clarity and a far superior and brighter image.

The Solstice™ projection screen is the world’s first concave lens-type screen. The Solstice™ screen has multiple layers of diffusion material which further removes the washout effects of ambient light. Sharp image clarity and the superb colour are also enhanced.

What does it mean for your school?

ALR projection screenPresentations Anytime, Anywhere

Mocom Solstice™ projection screen gives you freedom to deliver presentations anytime, anywhere. The choice of the space for presentations won’t be limited by classes with block out blinds, while the choice of time for presentations won’t be limited by the hours when the sun is not shining in your windows. No matter how many skylights or windows there are in the venue – the image will be brighter than a flat panel TV.

Presentations at Big Events

Schools need big projection screens to cater for hundreds of children simultaneously. Big events like assemblies, open nights, presentations, or celebrations, call for big screens. Mocom Solstice™ projection screens are available in sizes up to 250” in diagonal – that’s over 6 metres, and can be used for several hundreds of viewers.

Affordable Solution

Large LED/LCD screens are very expensive and have high maintenance costs. Moreover, they are notorious for high energy consumption. MOCOM ALR projection screens are much more affordable than any LED solutions available, are low maintenance, and do not consume power.

Furthermore, Mocom Solstice™ screens do not require expensive projectors with high brightness, costing several thousands of dollars.

Use the standard business projector (1500-3500 Lumen, standard or long throw) to project to a big screen (up to 250” in diagonal), in any room, auditorium, or hall.

Future-Oriented Solution

It is believed 3D should play a great role in education and learning, bringing deeper engagement, and helping students grasp difficult concepts with ease. The projection screen with 3D capabilities would be a perfect tool for a modern class.

The Mocom Solstice™ screen is brighter than your average 3D screens. Use it both for passive and active 3D viewing. Furthermore, this screen has no polarization and is very gentle to the eyes of children, with minimal eye fatigue and enhanced 3D effect.

Interactive Solution

With the Mocom Solstice™ screen, your presentation is not a one-way message sent to the dark space. You can leave the lights on and see the faces of your students. No more guessing the feedback from your audience. No more sleepy faces in the dark corners. The ALR projection screen allows for constant engagement with your audience and getting instant feedback.

Advantages of the Solstice Projection Screen

Ambient light allows us to see things clearly, from sunlight to flickering candles, car headlights to light bulbs and warm bedside lamps. Ambient light assists us in our everyday lives but becomes a problem when trying to view a clear picture on a big screen. This is where a Solstice™ ALR screen comes into its own:

  • Ability to display on a screen with ambient light;
  • Higher gain than other screens (18 times brighter than standard matte white screen);
  • Wider viewing angle; with the curved screen giving clear images over the entire viewing angle;
  • Depth simulation; the visual ability to perceive the world in three dimensions (3D) and the distance of an object;
  • Improved image resolution and better colour accuracy.

Controlled lighting has always been a problem when setting up a projection system, until the introduction of the Solstice™ projection screen. The brightness and clarity of this screen allows for excellent image quality on the big screen, which is far better than what you’ve ever seen before.

For a full demo, or to find out more on this amazing new technology, feel free to reach out to us today. Contact Smart Digital Australia for more details or call 03 9729 6300.