Australian sports clubs need to attract and retain the members. One of the ways to engage people in sports activities is to bring the element of fun to sports.

Let’s have a look at the ways of creating more fun environment with help of inflatable movie systems.

Holiday Programs for children

Children sports clubs – gymnastics and tennis, cricket and footy, – offer holiday programs. Typically, these programs last for half a day or a whole day, and include both exercise and entertainment.

To bring unique entertainment for kids during holiday programs, use inflatable movie screen to:

  • Show movies, indoors or outdoors
  • Organise a karaoke competition
  • Play active computer games on a big screen (connect any game console – Wii, PS4, Xbox One)
  • Watch live sports events

Yearly events

Special events, like Christmas party or end of the term party, involve both children and adults. Sports clubs are using these events to attract more participants for the next year / semester, and to keep the current club members engaged.

Showcase kids’ achievements on the big screen.  Use videos and pictures taken during competitions and trainings. Let parents and siblings be proud of the effort and results shown by the young athletes. The big screen allows seeing children almost in real size – it feels amazing!

Special occasions

Get the sport club members together for a special occasion. Watch Australian Open twilight game together with your team; get your club to enjoy the night series cricket – right on the grass of your training oval; invite your mates for State of Origin rugby series.

Running a yoga studio? Invite your fellow yogis and yoginis for a good documentary  followed by a good training session.

For swimming pools, dive-in cinema sessions are always a hit. What can be better on a hot summer night than to float on an inflatable mat watching a cool movie!

Everyday lessons and trainings

Getting back to the daily routine, take care of the parents and siblings, who have no option but to stick in the gym / on the sports grounds for quite some time. Occupy siblings with cartoons or even consider offering playing the sports game on the big screen – they will get the motivation to join your club and be involved in the real sports, too.

Promote healthy eating habits with films “Food Matters”, “Fed Up”, or “Supersize Me”.

Gyms can offer cardio cinema, as do the American fitness centres. They install the big screen in front of the cardio equipment and suggest getting a workout and watching the movies at the same time.

There are fantastic film options for gym addicts, from “Rocky” and “Warrior”, to “Fight club” and “Never back down”.

Add video component to Zumba classes and get more drive from the participants. Choose among videos available on Vimeo and YouTube, and consider moving the class outdoors!

Fundraising opportunities

Sports clubs use outdoor movie nights as fundraisers.  Such a fundraiser is a far better option than your standard BBQ, and has a capacity to create more revenue. The options will be either to hire a screen from the rental companies or to invest into owning one. The second option is viable if you are planning a movie season with several sessions or if you are using the screen for other purposes. Smart Digital Australia offers portable indoor and outdoor movie screens at affordable prices.

It’s your turn now – how would you use outdoor cinema system at your sports club?