Happy Customers

“Picture this – A balmy January night, screen erected in backyard which is also viewable by pool. Bean bags and picnic rugs cover the grass. Kids in the pool lying on tubes eagerly awaiting screen to light up.

“Guest list includes all the relatives that are frequent Christmas day participants. The screen starts showing old home movies of past Christmas days, everyone in stitches over how young everyone looks & the bad fashion choices.

“To top it off you air footage that you secretly filmed on the go pro of Christmas day a few weeks ago. The footage shows uncle Bob being wrestled into pool, drunk grandpa Jo misjudging his seat at the table, nana falling asleep in the corner after too much brandy and mum messing up the pork crackle and being told off by dad.

“An outdoor cinema experience full of love and happy memories.”

Erin Black

We recently used Smart Digital Australia equipment to host a ‘Movie Night’ at our school.

It was fantastic ! The images were so clear and the sound was amazing.

The children had a wonderful time. The night went so well that we are planning to do something on a much larger scale for our school community next year.

I would highly recommend using Smart a Digital Australia for your next event.

Nicole Whitty

“…We had wonderful stereo sound and strong bass. We had friends over to watch The Shallows (terrifying movie about sharks). Everyone’s too afraid to go in the pool today. It was a FANTASTIC experience once I’d managed to properly position the projector behind the screen. … We had such fun last night. Andrew (and our neighbours in the country) just loved it.”


“We use it a lot, and give it to other organisations. It is fantastic product, we love it. Set up is very easy, audio is good, and so is image quality. We gave it to local agricultural society show, to local racing club – they were showing films of racing events, and to local footy club, to name a few.”

Robyn Bryant

Secretary, Dalwallinu Lions Club

“The screens have been great, very happy and the community have loved the movie nights.”

David Reid

AHW – Youth Tobacco Prevention Coordinator, Galambila Aboriginal Health Service

Belvoir Wodonga Rotary ClubIn August 2016, the Southport Rotary Club, together with assistance from our respective Districts, purchased a brand new outdoor cinema system from Smart Digital Australia to further assist the Longreach Club with its movie nights.

Longreach is at the heard of the drought crisis. One of the major impacts of the drought is on the mental health of both the graziers and the local communities. The Longreach Club travels to remote areas to bring communities together for a night where they can forget about the drought and relax and catch up with friends, have some food and enjoy a movie under the stars. It also gives those members of the communities who would normally cook or organise a local event, the night off.

Our club will normally cook either a BBQ or curries for the local communities and then put on a movie. We have also worked in conjunction with the communities to help with their Christmas parties by putting on movies for the children and also working in conjunction with the Royal Flying Doctors to run a movie during their field days.

Belvoir Wodonga Rotary ClubThe Longreach Club has shown movies in Longreach, Ilfracombe, Silsoe Road, Aramac (Lake Dunn), Yaraka and Corfield among other places and can travel between 100km and 400km each way to reach these remote communities or properties to put on a movie.

The Longreach Club will be working tirelessly to visit the remote communities and properties and bring a little joy with a good meal and a movie under the stars.

Jacen Carpenter

Longreach Rotary Club