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Commertial outdoor cinema systems - the Touring Series

Professional Inflatable Projection Systems

Commercial Outdoor Cinema Screen
The Touring® Series are top of the range professional cinema systems. We designed these packages for commercial outdoor cinema applications. Big screens of the Touring® Series are ideal for the outdoor movie events on-the-move, such as drive-ins and festivals, as well as for large community events in the parks. These outdoor cinema packages are huge, yet easy to operate. Moreover, you can set up all the equipment in less than an hour!

With the size of inflatable screen varying from 8 to 12 metres, Touring® Series systems are designed for the audiences from 1500 to 3000 people.

Giant Inflatable Cinema Screens

Inflatable movie screens of the Touring® series are mattress style. In contrast to the ParkView® Series screens, Touring® screens do not have a supporting structure at the back of the screen.
Two heavy duty blowers are running during the movie to keep the screen upright.
Screen surface is fastened to the inflatable frame with a bungee cord. This structure minimizes movement of the screen surface and ensures safety of the viewers, as well as image stability in windy conditions.
inflatable movie screen
16:9 aspect ratio of the viewing area.
The screen comes complete with a front projection screen surface. This state of the art screen surface is designed to ensure maximum image resolution, colour rendition, and contrast. Moreover, it is wrinkle free and can be detached for cleaning.
Rear projection surfaces, allowing you to place the projector behind the screen, are also available upon request.

Touring® Outdoor Cinema Systems are supplied with:

Powerful Sound

All of the Touring® Series commercial outdoor cinema systems come complete with high-quality audio systems, consisting of a powerful subwoofer and a pair of speakers. This configuration is lightweight, easy to move around and setup. Moreover, it delivers fabulous sound, which is what you want for a professional cinema.

The speakers come with the speaker stands, which can be adjusted to get the correct sound coverage for your big audience.

high fidelity AV system

Audio Video Control System

The purpose-built SmartBox® Platinum contains all essential audiovisual equipment. It includes an audio mixer, Blu-Ray/DVD player, extra HDMI inputs, a set-top box to watch live TV, and an extra drawer to store cables and remotes. In addition, it comes with a wireless microphone, which is ideal for announcements.

SmartBox® Platinum comes pre-configured and features plug-and-play connectivity, which minimizes setup time. Finally, it is so simple to operate – there is no need for a trained audio video technician when you are using our commercial outdoor cinema.

Outdoor Projector6500 Lumen projector

The Touring® Series systems come complete with a bright and powerful DLP projector. Depending on the size of the screen, we supply WXGA projectors which are at least 5000 ANSI Lumen bright.

Short throw lens could be your choice if you need to place the projector closer to the screen. Full HD (1080p) projectors are also available.

We supply outdoor projectors in a protective carry case to ensure they are secured during transportation.

 Industrial Grade Air Blowers

Huawei 2HP jumping castle blower

Touring® Series screens are supplied with two heavy duty air blowers for inflation.

Huawei Air Blowers:

  • Keep the movie screen in perfect shape
  • Easy to use and powerful
  • Compatible with Australian standards
  • Can be used for other large inflatables

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