Here at Smart Digital Australia we have some fantastic products for AV professionals. Today we would like to tell you about one of them. To compete with the big names like Shure, TOA and AKG, we supply our own line of ACMA approved Wireless Microphone Systems.

Our wireless microphones look and function fantastically.

This device has gone through some rigours tests and trials to ensure it could hold the Regulatory Compliance Mark on Australian shores. The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) approved this device in 2014. It had been going through the motions to ensure our product can stand with the best of them, in both quality and functionality.

These prodigious microphones boast a True Diversity receiver.

What is True Diversity – you ask? In a true diversity system, two antennas are used, spaced at least a few inches apart. Each antenna receives the same signal from the transmitter. The receiver constantly measures the signal strength coming from both antennas, and switches to whichever antenna is picking up the stronger signal. The reason for this is that as RF energy from the transmitter bounces around various surfaces in the room. Sometimes reflections can interact with each other destructively, and cancel themselves out. This causes what is commonly called a “dropout” – a momentary loss in signal. When one antenna experiences a dropout, it is likely that the second antenna will have a strong signal. While a true diversity system doesn’t guarantee that there will be no dropouts, it will dramatically reduce them.

This feature means that no matter the situation you will be able to send your voice across the room both with clarity and quality.

That is not all our Wireless microphone system boasts. With its rack mounting capabilities you can expect to see this little beaut taking a stand in the professional market. It has all the grounds to replace units that aren’t economically viable anymore. It is with this system you can practically plug and go.

Upgrade to a belt pack receiver and lapel microphone, if required. if professional and affordable audio is what you are looking for, choose our wireless microphones.

Wireless microphones are vailable from our online store.

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