Xbox One VS PS4

Android or apple, Xbox or PlayStation, some of the never ending battles for consumers. Today we take a brief look at the PRO’s and CON’s of Xbox one and PlayStation 4

Xbox One or PS4, Design; Who’s the fairest of the all?

The Xbox One is ugly and bulky going against the slim line grain, whereas the PS4 have hit the nail on the head with their futuristic sleek design. An no change when it comes to the bulky Xbox external power box, while the PS4’s is thankfully internal.

Xbox One or PS4, UI; it’s what’s on the inside that counts!

Xbox One has a slight edge as its user interface is a bit cluttered but it’s functional and easy to use. The PS4’s streamlined approach looks okay but is perhaps a little too simplistic for its own good.
Extra features
The Xbox One is trying to achieve an all-in-one entertainment solution for your living room and the same can be easily said for the outdoors when combined with one of our systems. It’s not there yet, but is a well-rounded media hub with tonnes of apps and access to TV, Games, Movies, social networks, you tube, skype and tones more! The PS4 has dumped lost much of the PS3’s functionality. Sony’s new machine can’t play external video files, MP3s or even CDs.

Xbox One VS PS4, Power; Most bang for your buck.

Both systems provide gorgeous graphics, and is on par with today’s high-end PC gaming. On paper the technical specifications appear similar, but the PS4 does seem to have an edge in performance as it can handle 1080p FULL HD smoothly which has prepared it to push the limits of graphic in future compared to the Xbox one.which has a maximum of 720p
Controller: A lot of improvements in ergonomics, usability and just down right coolness on both sides and any difference is very marginal and would be down to personal preference.
The Xbox One also has its Kinect 2.0 motion sensor, which is promising. It’s bundled with every console, unlike Sony’s PlayStation camera.
The PS4’s best added extra is probably its remote play feature, which lets you stream PS4 games to Sony’s handheld PlayStation Vita so you can stop hogging the TV.

Xbox One VS PS4, Games (not that amazing right now on either side of the table and the range of availability is very limited)

Launch line-ups are usually pretty weak and that’s certainly true for this generation.
The PS4’s FPS Killzone: Shadow Fall, the painfully average platformer Knack and good but short twin-stick shooter Resogun.
The Xbox One’s Dead Rising 3, the briefly enjoyable Ryse: Son of Rome, the typically slick Forza Motorsport 5 and downloadable titles like Killer Instinct, Crimson Dragon and Powerstar Golf.

Xbox One VS PS4?

All in all, neither really stand out and I believe have been targeted toward different users (people who want a really good game console only vs a media center that does a good job all round). The Xbox One is my personal pick as it is more like a media center meaning I don’t have to have as many devices cluttering my TV cabinet (DVD, Blu-ray players, Set top box, laptops or dedicated PC etc where as PS4 seems to be just a gaming console. That’s my opinion, visit the official website and take a look for your self.

Xbox One VS PS4